May 2017
I have been awarded a prestigious personal VIDI grant worth 800,000 EUR from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). In this project we will perform research in the field of communication and information theory applied to fiber optical communications. The name of the project is “Increasing the Capacity of Optical Nonlinear Interfering Channels (ICONIC)”. Media coverage in the Eindhoven University of Technology news here and in the NWO website here.

February 2016
Our results published in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) R. Maher, A. Alvarado, D. Lavery and P. Bayvel, “Increasing the Information Rates of Optical Communications via Coded Modulation: A Study of Transceiver Performance” have been picked up by multiple media including Gizmodo, The Register, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, NBC News, El País (in Spanish), etc.

May 2015
I gave a talk entitled “Optical communication systems with soft-decision FEC: replacing the FEC limit paradigm”, at the Royal Society meeting “Communication networks beyond the capacity crunch – further discussion” in May 2015. See YouTube video here  (Audio copyright: the Royal Society). This satellite meeting followed the meeting “Communication networks beyond the capacity crunch“, which received media coverage in Sky News, New Scientist, Gizmodo, Daily Mail, etc. We published two papers as a result of this meeting:
Erik Agrell, Alex Alvarado, Frank Kschischang: Implications of information theory in optical fibre communications, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Invited Paper, 2016.
P. Bayvel, R. Maher, T. Xu, G. Liga, N. Shevchenko, D. Lavery, A. Alvarado, and R. I. Killey, “Maximising the optical network capacity,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Invited Paper, 2016.

February 2015
Our results on doubling transmission distances in optical communications published in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)
R. Maher, T. Xu, L. Galdino, M. Sato, A. Alvarado, K. Shi, S. J. Savory, B. C. Thomsen, R. I. Killey and P. Bayvel, “Spectrally Shaped DP-16QAM Super-Channel Transmission with Multi- Channel Digital Back Propagation” received media attention in The Register, PC World India, TechRepublic, TechWorld, Phys.Org, etc.

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